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Team Nmc with its expertise is glad to help MSME in their growth, overcome Chinese competition, and promote manufacturing in India.

Thinking of ways to take benefit of current government schemes in your current business? More information lord of ocean slot. Or starting a new stream of business to manufacture in India and challenge Chinese products?

Nothing to worry, we are just a call away!! Feel free to call us for all your needs on:

  1. Government Schemes and Subsidies
  2. Exports & International expansion
  3. Working Capital Requirement & Finance
  4. Digitization & Online Marketing
  5. Land & Infrastructure

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    Three basic objectives of the MSME Help:

    1. To help the MSMEs in these difficult situations in terms of finance, raw materials, labor, permissions, land & infrastructure
    2. To help the MSMEs capture new opportunities countering Chinese competition, exports, International expansion by understanding and usage of government subsidies
    3. To help the MSME’s acquire new customers and enter new businesses by adapting digitization and managing online marketing campaigns